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Call for PhD Stipend and Post-Doc at CNAP

Vacant PhD Stipend and Post-Doc Position at Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP)
CNAP offers:

A PhD stipend and a Post-Doc position to explore neuroplasticity in the context of similarities/difference between pain and itch. The PhD stipend/Post-Doc position includes a competitive salary including health insurance, experimental running costs, and well-equipped office and laboratory facilities. The CNAP PhD/Post-Doc will join an inspiring, enriching, and productive cross-disciplinary research center including staff with internationally recognized track records. Approximately 50% of CNAP staff originates from outside Denmark. CNAP recruits highly qualified and committed candidates worldwide who demonstrate great research potential. CNAP provides assistance to relocate to Aalborg, Denmark.


PhD Stipend at SMI (21-17014)

At the Faculty, of Medicine, Department of Health Science and Technology, SMI a PhD stipend is available within the general study programme "Biomedical Science and Engineering". The stipend is open for appointment from 1 July 2017 or soon thereafter.

Job description

As The Faculty of Medicine wishes PhD positions to enable careers both within and outside the university, the vacant positions are created in such a way that the competences achieved in the position will qualify for both a research career and a career in the commercial and/or public sector. At least a year before the position expires, you will be offered an interview to clarify your future career.
Translational research in neuroscience and engineering is the primary focus of SMI. The aim is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the areas of pain, motor control, sports sciences, and rehabilitation. One stipend within the presented research interest groups (RIG) is available.
The stipend is proposed by the RIG on Physical Activity and Human Performance and Translational Pain Biomarkers.


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