International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI)


Our mission is to advance itch-related research and education and to promote treatment and clinical efforts to help alleviate this debilitating symptom. Our main goal is to create an active society that will contribute to the study of Itch. IFSI also distributes recent information about pruritus research and developments by newsletters to its members, the international medical community and the public at large through various media. IFSI conducts international meetings every second year (World Congress of Itch, WCI) where researchers present the latest findings in the field. The official Journal of the IFSI is the Itch, an open-access journal. IFSI supports the publication of high quality papers in Itch, which is currently offering waivers of publication fees for submitted articles.

What is IFSI?

The International Society for the Study of Itch (IFSI) is a multidisciplinary international association of clinical practitioners, researchers and scientists dedicated to improving our understanding and treatment of pruritus for the benefit of suffering patients worldwide. The Society is a non-profit professional organization (registered in NC, USA). Membership is open to clinicians, researchers, scientists and other health professionals engaged in the research and treatment of itch.

Please remember to register to the World Conference on Itch. WCI Registration prices will go up after September 5th, 2023.
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Save the date
12th World Congress on Itch (WCI)
Miami, Florida, USA
November 5-7, 2023

WCI 2023: Apply now for an IFSI travel grant!

IFSI (International Forum for the Study of Itch) offers young researchers (students, post-docs, MDs from basic science or clinical medicine) younger than 35 years old the opportunity to apply for a travel grant for the 12th World Congress on Itch, November 5-7, 2023, Miami (USA).

It covers 1500 US Dollars for applicants from USA / Canada and 2000 US Dollars for those from other continents /countries. The registration fee is free. Only those who are willing to actively participate in this meeting and present in person can apply for the IFSI travel grant.

How to apply: submit an abstract to WCI 2023 and email this abstract (pdf) with your CV including the application form, together with a copy of the page of your passport showing your name and birth date, to the IFSI president Elke Weisshaar, MD (

The application deadline is August 27, 2023.

How to become a member
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Solidarity with Ukraine
The International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI) expresses its sadness and refusal about the ongoing war in Ukraine. As a global society of clinicians and researchers we promote tolerance and mutual respect as universal values. IFSI expresses its sincere hope that dialogue and negotiations will rapidly lead to peace. IFSI declares its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. IFSI claims to stop this war immediately.

The IFSI board
WCI Miami 2023
SIG International Meeting

The SIG International Meeting will be held at WCI in Miami on 5 November 2023.
You can find the program
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WCI 2023 – Conference welcome
The 12th World Congress of Itch (WCI) will be held in Miami, USA, on November 5-7, 2023.
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Juntendo University, Tokyo
Report of the 5th Academic Symposium "Aiming to Overcome Intractable Itch" in Juntendo University
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Please note a current book publication. The first comprehensive review of common and different pathways and mechanisms of itch and pain.
Gil Yosipovitch, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Hjalte Andersen. Itch and Pain. Similarities, Interactions and Differences. Wolters Kluwer 2020
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SECURE-AD Registry update
Please note current information from the SECURE-AD Team

Dear colleague,
Thank you very much for your continued support of the SECURE-AD registry. To date we have collected data on 190 eczema cases with a confirmed or suspected COVID episode, which is excellent.
Please continue to enter your cases at this critical time – before the window of opportunity to gather this data has passed. We will include everyone who enters a case as a co-author under the SECURE-AD Study Group in resulting publications.
It would also be great if you could share this initiative via social media, tagging us @ad_secure (Twitter) and @secure.derm (Instagram) (links to follow us on Twitter and Instagram).

Many thanks for your contribution.

With kind regards,
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The Journal Itch:
Itch, the official journal of the International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI)
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